Welcome Entrepreneurs!

Our team of experts are here to assist your business with the post-recruitment management of your staff.

Whether it’s your very first start-up, and you’re simply unsure of employee management functions, or you’re an established company experiencing a never-ending battle – our team understands every organization requires unique solutions.

Managing your own business is already such a time-consuming and complicated career path, as an owner/operator, the burden of making minor mistakes can equate to enormous headaches, potentially leaving you at a financial loss.

Developing employee policies is more than stipulating an employer’s rules. Policies should provide the benefit of aligning employees’ work behaviours with the business’s overall mission or objective, while at the same time, encouraging a healthy environment that employees wish to invest in.

At Kissinger HR Services, we’re here to assist you with specialized solutions to the complex situations many small businesses and non-profit organizations face. As experts in HR Compliance, we take the burden off your shoulders of not knowing what the most ethical solution might be, while keeping in mind the legalities per given situation.

If your business and its objectives don’t align with “standard policies”, we believe it’s imperative that you receive more than a standard solution. 

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