Employee Morale

Why is it important to promote and support the morale of your employees? 

Because unhappy workers cost your organization money. Period.

Unhappy workers lose sleep, which costs your organization in productivity levels and sick time. They don’t support your organization’s goals, which can lower your sales profits. Worst of all, they will leave your organization, taking with them valuable knowledge of your organization and costing significant financial and time resources to recruit and train the replacements.

So, how do you keep your workers happy?  While not every company can compete with organizations like Google, believe me, it’s not as hard or expensive as you may think. In fact, a small investment in your employees may reap great profits for your organization.

Some examples of employee support:

-Thank them for their commitment to the organization-a simple letter acknowledging years of service can be encouraging to workers.  Summer BBQs or Christmas parties can be really fun!

-Promote a workplace that is free from harassment and violence, and utilize respectful conversation practices.

-Investigate any concerns raised by employees in a prompt, courteous manner.

-Provide a way for employees to have input into your organizations goals and future, such as workplace committees or focus groups.

-Provide reimbursement for education or training if they take courses and can apply the lessons to your workplace, either for career advancement or skills upgrading for the current job.

-If possible, allow for flexible scheduling to help your employees with child or eldercare.

-Support involvement in community events (charity runs, golf tournaments, etc.). By sponsoring your team with supplies such as shirts you can also promote your organization.

-Or you could offer to reimburse part of their membership costs for things like fitness clubs or community organizations, or partner with other businesses to offer discounted services.

The next time you see a magazine or news article touting “the Top Managed Companies”, check it out. You might just be surprised at the easy and inexpensive ideas companies use to get on that list!