2019 Will Be An Interesting Year

The Human Resources landscape has significantly changed in the past twelve months. From introduction and then repeal of key employment legislation, to threats of interference with union collective agreements, businesses and organizations are going crazy trying to keep up with changes, and in the process workers are being negatively affected as well. Some highlights I have encountered:

A few employers have taken away pay raises that were given under the “equal pay regardless of status” rules, causing constructive dismissal cases and allegations of unfair practices. It’s important to remember that once you offer a benefit to a worker it is very hard to take it away.

The re-introduction of the requirement to provide doctors notes for sick days has the medical profession upset that once again people needing a note will be clogging up waiting rooms and taking service time away from truly ill patients. Employers should be aware that if they demand a note, any cost associated with that note is the Employer’s responsibility.

The legalization of Cannabis has shone a spotlight on workplace accommodations and the need for sound policies on impairment and substance abuse in the workplace.

The next year or so will be challenging, with key fights being waged on some controversial changes.

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