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MORE Legislation Changes Coming in 2019

Did you hear?  “Bill 47” (cancelling “Bill 148” put in last year) PASSED and became law last week.  Not done yet, the Ford Government is now implementing “Bill 57: Restoring Trust, Transparency and Accountability Act”.   Bill 57 has “paused” the upcoming changes required under the Pay Transparency Act (introduced by the former Liberal government) which would have required employers to post wage information on job postings, and added a whole host of reporting requirements on businesses. In addition, the new act is also changing the way Legion Halls are assessed for tax purposes, makes changes to the Alcohol and Gaming legislation regarding Continue Reading »

What do “Fit for Duty” and “Safety Sensitive” Really Mean?

“Fit for Duty” policies are getting a lot of attention these days, and I am finding that a lot of employers and workers are confused about this terminology and how to apply it in the context of “Safety Sensitive” work. Fit for Duty means that a worker is able to safely perform their assigned duties without any limitations resulting from, but not limited to: the use or after-effects of Drugs, Alcohol, and/or medications. Impaired means “the condition of being less than fully functional to perform the tasks at hand” or “being under the influence of drugs or alcohol”  A Safety-Sensitive Position Continue Reading »

Clearing the Air Part 2 – Cannabis At Work

There is a lot of misinformation and confusion regarding “where and when and who” can consume Cannabis at work.  It is important to remember that Recreational use is a separate entity from Medicinal use, and that Medicinal use is protected under Human Rights Legislation, making it harder to enforce “property-wide” smoking bans. Recreational use is not permitted at work, as this falls into the same category as alcohol.  Employers are permitted to discipline workers (make sure you have a good policy in place!) according to company policy on impairment. Medicinal use, as mentioned, is protected under Human Rights. If your Continue Reading »

Don’t Forget About AODA!

With all the attention that is being focused on “Bill 148”, it is likely that you have overlooked the upcoming deadlines for AODA compliance.  Nearly all of the standards are now in effect for all organizations, the most recent being -All organizations must now file an online report by December 31, 2017 -The requirement to make “new or redeveloped public spaces accessible” This applies to: recreational trails and beach access routes parking lots service counters fixed queuing guides waiting areas with fixed seating  

Legislation Changes Mean Policy Updates!

As a result of impending legislation changes known as Bill 148 and the introduction of legalized cannabis, your workplace policies are going to require a lot of updating in the next few months. Changes to requirements for sick notes, leaves of absence, scheduling and call-in policies will all be needed to deal with the new laws. Policies on how and when to call in staff on “short notice” will be extremely important when dealing with the new “96 hour call in” rule.  The change to Personal Emergency Leave days and removal of the sick note requirement for these days will Continue Reading »