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HR This Week – COVID H&S Issues and Requirements

The HR This Week networking/seminar on July 2 will look at the new Health and Safety Requirements for COVID and how they affect everything from workplace layout to handling sick calls from workers. In order to reopen, workplaces must establish a written policy and plan that outlines how they will adapt the workplace for COVID restrictions: having enough PPE and sanitizing supplies; rearranging work schedules and work station layout to allow for proper physical distancing; installation of barriers; and working from home as a new normal. If your company has made the shift to permanent home offices, employers have even Continue Reading »

Changes to 13-Week Layoff Rule

Employers no longer have to worry about constructive dismissal lawsuits or “termination pay” for workers who remain off work due to provincial shutdowns. Join me for HR This Week on Thursday morning at 11:00, where I will be discussing the impact of the changes to the Employment Standards Act due to the COVID pandemic. Register today – space is limited!

HR This Week – New Training Requirements

In the first “HR This Week” seminar, I will discuss the new training programs that employers are required to provide for employees, focusing on protocols for use and care of PPE, breaks and work processes, which have been implemented as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. Join me Thursday May 28 at 11:00 am – click here to register!

HR This Week – Live (And Free!)

Technology has finally caught up with my original business plan! I am pleased to announce the new weekly “live blog”, HR This Week. It is a 30-minute “Zoom” Meeting, Thursdays at 11 am, starting May 28. This is an absolutely FREE event, no strings attached. Each week I will discuss a trend or topic that is foremost in HR. If you have a topic you would like to discuss, please use the “contact” form to send me a request, and I will schedule your topic (or let you know if that subject is already on the schedule). Registration is limited Continue Reading »

Health & Safety Needs for Reopening – Are You Ready?

Great news, businesses can finally start reopening. But what does that look like in our “new normal”? You can check out the province’s restart requirements here. There are tips for just about every type of workplace. No matter what type of business you have, changes will need to be made to ensure that all “physical/social distancing” and PPE/safety needs are in place. You will need to rearrange office and work stations, and ensure that persons on “production lines” or who work in close proximity to each other have enough separation, which could mean altering the hours of work and/or adding Continue Reading »