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Clearing the Air Part 2 – Cannabis At Work

There is a lot of misinformation and confusion regarding “where and when and who” can consume Cannabis at work.  It is important to remember that Recreational use is a separate entity from Medicinal use, and that Medicinal use is protected under Human Rights Legislation, making it harder to enforce “property-wide” smoking bans. Recreational use is not permitted at work, as this falls into the same category as alcohol.  Employers are permitted to discipline workers (make sure you have a good policy in place!) according to company policy on impairment. Medicinal use, as mentioned, is protected under Human Rights. If your Continue Reading »

Clearing the Air – The Truth About E-Cigarettes at Work

There has been a lot of confusion recently regarding “vaping” or “E-cigarette” use in the workplace.  The Ontario Government will combine all of the “smoking issues” in one Act, known as “Bill 174”, which was granted “Royal Assent” in December 2017 (meaning it is officially a law) and is anticipated to come into effect along side the Cannabis legislation in October.  For further information on that you can read the Explanatory Note provided by the Ontario Legislative Assembly. But all of the back-and-forth with the legislation means that there is still confusion about where and when “vaping” can occur.  It Continue Reading »

Meet Us at the Chamber Tradeshow!

The Brantford-Brant Chamber of Commerce Trade Show is a FREE event and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (you do not need to be a Chamber member to attend!).  It happens Thursday September 20 from 4-7 pm. We have a booth booked, and my staff would love to meet you! We will be offering lots of free advice on the hottest HR topics. Come on out to this fabulous event and meet a lot of interesting businesses and organizations from Brantford-Brant!

Why Policy Enforcement is So Important

Simply having workplace policies is not enough! Managers must consistently enforce the policies and procedures, or they quite literally aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. An employee’s right to be treated fairly is upheld by common law and the Employment Standards legislation. It is particularly important in businesses where family members and/or close friends run the company or organization.  Management must treat all employees in the same manner, following the workplace policies, whether the employee is related or not.  Not only does this remove the perception of favouritism, but also sends the message that the workplace stands by Continue Reading »

Important Facts About Employment Contracts – Part 2

Following up on last week’s blog about how to enforce employment contracts, this week we will look at some things that can happen at the end of an employment contract. Watch out for expiry dates! If your employee is on a fixed-term contract (such as 6 months), make sure that the start and end dates are clearly stated in the contract and that you do not miss the expiry date. If the employee continues to work past the expiry date and you have not arranged a new written agreement, they become permanently hired on a “common law” basis, meaning there Continue Reading »