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Job Titles Can Be Dangerous

What’s in a name? From an employment context, a lot.  Careful consideration must be given when deciding on the title of a position, as the words you use can have meanings in employment law that you may not intend. Why is this important? If a position is mis-classified, and the compensation package is based on that classification, the employee can sue for lost or missed earnings and/or challenge disciplinary actions. A good way to avoid problems is to check the National Occupation Code (NOC) or the North American Industry Classification (NAICS).  Both sites have the formal classifications, along with duties Continue Reading »

Worker’s Compensation is Mandatory

Did you know that it is a legal requirement for workplaces to carry insurance to cover workers who get ill or injured on the job?   I have spoken before about the WSIB vs private insurance options, and it does not matter which option you choose, but you must choose one.  A worker’s right to compensation for work-related illness and injury is protected under Human Rights legislation, Health and Safety Legislation, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Most business owners will agree that liability to employees due to workplace injuries is a costly concern, but avoiding the premiums puts a Continue Reading »

Important Reminders About Vacation

Here are the top tips regarding “the rules” on administering vacation pay and vacation time. Vacation time and vacation pay are separate entitlements – While an employee is entitled to earn vacation pay from the first moment of employment, they are only entitled to vacation time after working for 12 months The employer is entitled to decide when vacation time will be taken but must give the vacation time within 10 months after it is earned Vacation time may be taken in periods of less than one week only if the employer and employee agree in writing A separate, individual Continue Reading »

We Specialize in “Outside the Box” Businesses

There are a lot of great new ideas being turned into businesses, and with legislation changes that are opening doors to new opportunities, there is a need for custom-developed policies to ensure that these businesses are able to function in today’s competitive environment. If your business doesn’t fit the “standard template” for things like Health and Safety and Employee Relations, you should talk to us!   We specialize in helping these “outside the box” businesses and their needs, from adapting employment standards legislation to ensuring compliance with Federal regulations such as Employment Equity programs, we are your leading resource for Continue Reading »

Reminder About Canada Day Stat Pay!

Just a quick reminder that the calculation method for Statutory Holiday Pay for Canada Day will be under the “old” formula. That is, the earnings (wages, overtime, shift premiums) from the four (4) weeks previous to the pay period that Canada Day is in, all added up and divided by 20. This “old” calculation will remain in effect until the new Provincial Government decides what, if any, changes they will make to the Fair Workplaces Act (“Bill 148”). Call us today for help with your HR needs!