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Using Bluetooth in Cars Risks Privacy Breach

A funny thing happened on the way to the store yesterday. I was at a stoplight, and the man in the car next to me proceeded to take advantage of the pause to begin a phone conversation using his Bluetooth app in his car. Quite legal, as he was using hands-free and all that…. but I could hear every word of his conversation, until the light changed and he got ahead of me in traffic. Bluetooth uses your car speakers, and they are close to the outside of the car. Names were mentioned and overheard… situations I shouldn’t know about Continue Reading »

2019 Will Be An Interesting Year

The Human Resources landscape has significantly changed in the past twelve months. From introduction and then repeal of key employment legislation, to threats of interference with union collective agreements, businesses and organizations are going crazy trying to keep up with changes, and in the process workers are being negatively affected as well. Some highlights I have encountered: A few employers have taken away pay raises that were given under the “equal pay regardless of status” rules, causing constructive dismissal cases and allegations of unfair practices. It’s important to remember that once you offer a benefit to a worker it is Continue Reading »

Construction Collective Agreements Threatened Under Bill 66

It seems that the Ontario Conservative Government is not yet finished tinkering with our Employment Standards Legislation and the Labour Relations Act. They have introduced “Bill 66 – Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act” which amends or repeals a number of pieces of legislation. Significant changes will be made to the Labour Relations Act which will affect the relationship between unions, and municipalities and certain local boards, school boards, hospitals,colleges, universities and public bodies. The Bill will deem these entities as “non-construction employers” which means they can now use either union or non-union construction companies, effectively cancelling any existing bargaining agreements that Continue Reading »

Not All of Bill 148 Was Cancelled

Employers should be aware that although a number of the “Bill 148” provisions were cancelled under “Bill 47”, some are still in effect that might pose a problem for your business. Three Hour Rule – (Starting Jan 1, 2019), if an employee who normally works more than 3 hours is sent home before working 3 hours, they are entitled to be paid at their normal rate (previous ESA standard was only minimum wage) Overtime rule – (already in place) if an employee has more than one rate of pay (i.e. travel rate and job site rate) you must still track Continue Reading »

Hidden Types of “Impairment” at Work

Being “impaired” can be caused by a number of different reasons, not just alcohol or cannabis.  It is important to recognize these issues so that everyone has a safe and healthy workplace.   No matter what the cause, if the employee will be “impaired” at work, they are legally required to disclose this information to their employer. Some examples of “hidden” impairment include: Sleep deprivation: The worker stays up till 3am watching the tied World Series game, and their shift starts at 7am.  The person would be impaired by lack of sleep and not able to focus on operating machinery or cognitive Continue Reading »