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What Does “Protected” Leave Mean??

The recent announcements from the Provincial and Federal government have talked a lot about “protected leave” for workers who are affected by the COVID-19 Virus. So what does that actually mean? The term means that a worker has the right to take the leave, without any penalty such as being dismissed or punished for taking the time off, and is entitled to return to their pre-leave job without any changes to that job. The “right” of the worker in this case is protected by legislation (law) such as the Employment Standards Act (ESA), Human Rights Code, and the Federal Labour Continue Reading »

Income Support Options During COVID Crisis

With all of the closures, quarantines and self-isolation, there is also panic about loss of income.  How can companies support their workers, particularly when the loss of income is not their fault? Fortunately, there are some benefits already available, and more are being announced by the various levels of government. This blog will talk about Employment Insurance (EI) Benefits: If you are laid off or “separated” from your employment through no fault of your own (you are not fired for “just cause”), you are eligible to apply for EI benefits. Of course, the benefits the employee receives are dependent upon Continue Reading »

Do Your Employees Work Offsite?

When your employees work at a client location off site, (not from home) you should ensure you have obtained the following from your Client and that these items are made available to your staff PRIOR to working at the site: Policies and Procedures specific to their workplace:-Workplace rules such as designated smoking areas, break rooms, access times, dress code -Health and Safety policies, particularly any PPE requirements,-WHMIS and Emergency Plans policies that would apply such as responding to a fire alarm or chemical spill, responding to a violent person/lock down situation, etc. Training from the Client on how to locate Continue Reading »

Time Change Weekend Pay Rules

For those who work during the Time Change Weekend, there is often confusion around whether or not they get paid for the extra hour in the fall, or lose pay in the spring. Technically, the answer is yes to both. The Employment Standards Act requires that employees are paid for all hours worked, so your employees working during the time change “blip” at 2:00 am should be paid for that extra hour. It means they also lose an hour in the Spring. The only exception is if there is a Collective Agreement or other contract provision that the employee has Continue Reading »

Do Employees Get Paid Time Off to Vote?

On Monday October 21, voting stations in Ontario will be open from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm, but some workers shifts will not permit them to attend the polling station during those hours (i.e. persons who work 12-hour shifts). While advance polls and online voting are possibilities, Elections Canada has “rules” that permit employees to take time off work to vote. You can check the Elections Canada FAQ list here. Employers must ensure that persons who don’t work a “normal 8 hour shift” have three consecutive hours in which to attend their polling station and cast their vote.  If this Continue Reading »