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Meet Us at the Chamber Tradeshow!

The Brantford-Brant Chamber of Commerce Trade Show is a FREE event and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (you do not need to be a Chamber member to attend!).  It happens Thursday September 20 from 4-7 pm. We have a booth booked, and my staff would love to meet you! We will be offering lots of free advice on the hottest HR topics. Come on out to this fabulous event and meet a lot of interesting businesses and organizations from Brantford-Brant!

Having Trouble Finding Good People? Ask Ableworks!

If you have shifts or jobs that are unique to your company and are hard to fill, you should consider hiring unique individuals. When I say “unique individuals” I am referring to the approximately 15% (or more) of our population who are classified as having some form of “disability”.  It is time to stop seeing the “dis” and start seeing the “ability”!  Our perceived limitations of their situation is holding everyone back, and are quite often very incorrect. I attended an event on March 21 hosted by Ableworks, a non-profit job placement service that individually matches employers and workers to ensure Continue Reading »