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EI & CERB Facts and Info

There are a lot of confusing messages out there regarding EI and CERB benefits. It is nearly impossible to get in touch with a live person at EI to assist you. So here are some FACTS and information (along with links) to help you in your search. FACT: neither of these programs will just send you money. You must apply to them. Please do not fall victim to a scam!EI benefits will pay you up to 55% of your net insurable earnings to a maximum of $573 per week, regardless of how much more you might earn (depends on the Continue Reading »

Its Not a Layoff, Its a Leave of Absence

If you are “laid off” work due to the COVID-19 you may be pleased to know that you are actually on a NEW leave of absence, the Declared Emergency and Infectious Diseases leave. This is a protected leave of absence, and it lasts for as long as the emergency is in effect. Your employer should provide you with a letter explaining the situation, and an ROE, using code N (leave of absence). If they have already issued you an ROE with the shortage of work code, don’t worry, as the new CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) will cover you either Continue Reading »

Can “Non-Essential” Workplaces Still Work?

Absolutely! There are a number of jobs and tasks that can be done remotely. This is a great opportunity to reinvent the way we work, live and play. Let’s try to be positive about it and see if there are ways to improve the work-life balance. It is also a good time to do “the work that never seems to get done” – updating handbooks and policy manuals, training (if it can be done online – here is a link to some programs). Any work that can be done remotely should be. Even though it may present some awkward working Continue Reading »

Do Your Employees Work Offsite?

When your employees work at a client location off site, (not from home) you should ensure you have obtained the following from your Client and that these items are made available to your staff PRIOR to working at the site: Policies and Procedures specific to their workplace:-Workplace rules such as designated smoking areas, break rooms, access times, dress code -Health and Safety policies, particularly any PPE requirements,-WHMIS and Emergency Plans policies that would apply such as responding to a fire alarm or chemical spill, responding to a violent person/lock down situation, etc. Training from the Client on how to locate Continue Reading »

Time Change Weekend Pay Rules

For those who work during the Time Change Weekend, there is often confusion around whether or not they get paid for the extra hour in the fall, or lose pay in the spring. Technically, the answer is yes to both. The Employment Standards Act requires that employees are paid for all hours worked, so your employees working during the time change “blip” at 2:00 am should be paid for that extra hour. It means they also lose an hour in the Spring. The only exception is if there is a Collective Agreement or other contract provision that the employee has Continue Reading »