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Not All of Bill 148 Was Cancelled

Employers should be aware that although a number of the “Bill 148” provisions were cancelled under “Bill 47”, some are still in effect that might pose a problem for your business. Three Hour Rule – (Starting Jan 1, 2019), if an employee who normally works more than 3 hours is sent home before working 3 hours, they are entitled to be paid at their normal rate (previous ESA standard was only minimum wage) Overtime rule – (already in place) if an employee has more than one rate of pay (i.e. travel rate and job site rate) you must still track Continue Reading »

Non-Medical Accommodations in the Workplace

Non-Medical Accommodations in the workplace are complex, and it is very important that you understand and respect your employee’s rights. Every situation is unique, and employers are entitled to “proof that is reasonable in the circumstances” to grant these accommodations.  Employers must work with the affected employee(s) to ensure that their right to accommodation is preserved, but also ensuring that the operational needs of the employer are met. This can be a delicate balancing act. Religious accommodation includes allowing time to pray during the workday, giving alternate days off for observation of religious holidays, and working with employees in “safety-sensitive” Continue Reading »

Changes Coming to Trade and Apprenticeship Act (Finally!)

Premier Ford’s new “Open for Business Act” is making changes to the labour laws in Ontario, and finally those changes are going to be welcome news for our tradespeople. Under Schedule 3 of “Bill 47”  (you will need to scroll to the bottom of the document) the Premier is proposing to change the ratio of Apprentices to Journey persons to one-to-one  wherever possible. The new law will allow some trades to retain a higher ratio if needed for safety or other sound reasons. In addition, changes will be made to the authority and structure of the Ontario College of Trades, Continue Reading »

The “Open For Business Act” – What is Changing?

Just as we were getting used to “Bill 148” (the Fair Workplaces Act), now the Ford government has come out with Bill 47, the “Open for Business: Removing Burdens While Protecting Workers Act”. There are many components to the bill, one deals with the Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Act, while another deals with changes to Apprenticeship .  Today we will talk about the ESA changes, and next blog will deal with the OLRA and Apprenticeship. Here are the Employment Standards changes being proposed: Minimum Wage: Minimum wage will remain at $14.00/hour, until at least October 2020 and then future increases Continue Reading »

Important Facts About Employment Contracts – Part 2

Following up on last week’s blog about how to enforce employment contracts, this week we will look at some things that can happen at the end of an employment contract. Watch out for expiry dates! If your employee is on a fixed-term contract (such as 6 months), make sure that the start and end dates are clearly stated in the contract and that you do not miss the expiry date. If the employee continues to work past the expiry date and you have not arranged a new written agreement, they become permanently hired on a “common law” basis, meaning there Continue Reading »