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Introducing: Our Health & Safety Specialist!

I am very pleased to announce that I have added a Health and Safety Specialist to the team! Steven Mitchell has more than 7 years of progressive safety and training experience and joins us from a recent position Challenger Motor Freight and previously Carter’s Oshkosh, where he was the Health and Safety Coordinator at each company. Steven has been responsible for creating and managing safety management systems, writing policies and procedures, reducing workplace risk and injuries while maintaining company compliance and conducting training in various safety related topics and wellness programs. Steven has contributed and has helped build various safety Continue Reading »

HR This Week – Live (And Free!)

Technology has finally caught up with my original business plan! I am pleased to announce the new weekly “live blog”, HR This Week. It is a 30-minute “Zoom” Meeting, Thursdays at 11 am, starting May 28. This is an absolutely FREE event, no strings attached. Each week I will discuss a trend or topic that is foremost in HR. If you have a topic you would like to discuss, please use the “contact” form to send me a request, and I will schedule your topic (or let you know if that subject is already on the schedule). Registration is limited Continue Reading »

Vacation Pay May Be Another Option

For those who are suddenly laid off, and worried about canceling summer/fall vacations that are booked, there is a quirk in our vacation laws that may help. Under the ESA vacation pay and time are separate entities, which could allow workers to take their accrued (banked) vacation pay now, and still take their vacation time later, but unpaid. For example, “John” has a 2-week camping vacation booked for the family in August, and does not want to cancel that plan. Under the ESA, John can take the accrued vacation pay now, and leave the August vacation booked. When August gets Continue Reading »

Time Change Weekend Pay Rules

For those who work during the Time Change Weekend, there is often confusion around whether or not they get paid for the extra hour in the fall, or lose pay in the spring. Technically, the answer is yes to both. The Employment Standards Act requires that employees are paid for all hours worked, so your employees working during the time change “blip” at 2:00 am should be paid for that extra hour. It means they also lose an hour in the Spring. The only exception is if there is a Collective Agreement or other contract provision that the employee has Continue Reading »

What to do with Extra Vacation Pay?

Employees who work a lot of overtime or extra hours could earn more vacation pay than is needed to cover their time off.  What happens to the “extra” vacation pay?  It goes to the employee.  Under the Employment Standards Act (ESA), vacation pay is treated the same as an earned wage or overtime pay. It is very important that vacation accrual and use is tracked on an employee’s paystub. An example:  Jane works 37.5 “regular” hours plus 3 hours of overtime every week. Let’s assume that Jane uses her 10 days of vacation in July and her accrued vacation pay Continue Reading »