Do Part Time Workers Get Less Vacation Time or Pay?

The short answer is, no. Whether you are employed “full time” or “part time”, under the Vacation With Pay provision of the Employment Standards Act, there is no difference in the amount of vacation time or pay that an employee is entitled to.

All employees are entitled to vacation pay of 4% or 6% of their “earned wages” (depending on length of service) which includes overtime and public holiday pay. If you work overtime, you could earn more than the 10 or 15 days of pay needed for your vacation entitlement. In this case, the employer is required to pay out the extra money earned. This could be paid out at the time of your vacation, at the end of the year or at another mutually-agreeable time.

In addition, all employees are entitled to 10 or 15 days of vacation time per year, again depending upon length of service. When part time staff are booking vacation, they should only be counting the days they would have actually worked. For example, Jane works three days per week, a total of 22 hours. She would only need to book the three days off that she is scheduled for, the others are considered non-working days off (the same idea as a weekend for full time staff). Therefore, although Jane is “on vacation” for the whole week, she has only used three of her entitlement days.

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