Do Your Employees Work Offsite?

When your employees work at a client location off site, (not from home) you should ensure you have obtained the following from your Client and that these items are made available to your staff PRIOR to working at the site:

Policies and Procedures specific to their workplace:
-Workplace rules such as designated smoking areas, break rooms, access times, dress code
-Health and Safety policies, particularly any PPE requirements,
-WHMIS and Emergency Plans policies that would apply such as responding to a fire alarm or chemical spill, responding to a violent person/lock down situation, etc.

Training from the Client on how to locate and/or use emergency exits, fire extinguishers, spill kits, and First Aid kits; where to obtain First Aid treatment, and how to contact emergency response personnel or someone from the Company if there is an emergency, particularly if your staff is alone in the building or works in a large area with only a few people. 

Be sure your employees are aware of any risks they may face when working at your Client’s premises.

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