Employee Training- Are You Up To Date?

It amazes me sometimes the amount of training that employees are required to take under Government legislation. Currently, the requirements amount to 6 hours per employee per year. This training includes Health & Safety Awareness, WHMIS, Violence & Harassment Training, and AODA (Accessibility and Customer Service Standards).

I have found that although all of the training materials are provided free of charge by the Government Ministry responsible for the requirement, there are a number of HR companies who would charge employers hundreds of dollars for these materials and then hundreds more to conduct the training.  Why? Because they know that business owners are way to busy looking after the business, to be bothered finding, downloading and providing the training.

If you are looking for honest, government-compliant employee training at an affordable cost, please check out my Employee Training Series page for costs and packages offered. I provide on-site, interactive in-person sessions to allow your employees to ask questions in a fun environment.