Health & Safety Needs for Reopening – Are You Ready?

Great news, businesses can finally start reopening. But what does that look like in our “new normal”? You can check out the province’s restart requirements here. There are tips for just about every type of workplace.

No matter what type of business you have, changes will need to be made to ensure that all “physical/social distancing” and PPE/safety needs are in place.

You will need to rearrange office and work stations, and ensure that persons on “production lines” or who work in close proximity to each other have enough separation, which could mean altering the hours of work and/or adding another shift to ensure that production needs are met. Wherever possible, it would be wise to support the ability to work from home. Restaurants will likely have to adopt a reservation-seating system, even if they didn’t use one before, to ensure “social distancing”.

Employers will also need to have proper PPE on hand at all times. Non-medical masks and sanitizers will be common office materials now. Shields to protect “face to face” encounters (such as retail establishments) will also need to be considered. Employees will be able to refuse to work if these measures are not taken properly.

No matter what your plan is, you will need to put it in writing to outline the steps your business will take to meet the needs of our “new normal”. How will you meet the PPE and distancing needs? What alterations can/will you make to your delivery of services or goods? Will there be changes to your hours of operation?

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