HR This Week – COVID H&S Issues and Requirements

The HR This Week networking/seminar on July 2 will look at the new Health and Safety Requirements for COVID and how they affect everything from workplace layout to handling sick calls from workers.

In order to reopen, workplaces must establish a written policy and plan that outlines how they will adapt the workplace for COVID restrictions: having enough PPE and sanitizing supplies; rearranging work schedules and work station layout to allow for proper physical distancing; installation of barriers; and working from home as a new normal. If your company has made the shift to permanent home offices, employers have even more obligations to look after.

Employers will need plans to ensure that operations continue in the event that someone in the workplace is either COVID positive or required to self-isolate. People who usually decline the use of allergy medicines as a personal choice may find that they are required to use the medication to suppress symptoms that are similar to COVID in order to remain at work (there is a lot of discussion on this topic right now!).

If you have a worker who is “leery” about returning to work, you will need to have your plan in place in order to satisfy the “work refusal” requirements under Health and Safety legislation.

Join me on July 2 for this important discussion!