Legislation Changes Mean Policy Updates!

As a result of impending legislation changes known as Bill 148 and the introduction of legalized cannabis, your workplace policies are going to require a lot of updating in the next few months.

Changes to requirements for sick notes, leaves of absence, scheduling and call-in policies will all be needed to deal with the new laws. Policies on how and when to call in staff on “short notice” will be extremely important when dealing with the new “96 hour call in” rule.  The change to Personal Emergency Leave days and removal of the sick note requirement for these days will also require a  more strict attendance management policy to inform your employees as to what is “acceptable proof in the circumstances”.

Workplace policies on use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes will also be needed. There are allowances for drug testing in certain circumstances and employers are being strongly encouraged to get their policies in place well in advance.  It is anticipated that smoking of cannabis products would be restricted in the same or similar fashion to tobacco, and so use of alternative forms such as food products would be encouraged where possible.  Your organization will also need strict policies regarding disability accommodation to deal with impairment and use of cannabis products for pain or disability management.

It is extremely important that your workplace policies reflect and clarify your organization’s interpretation and application of the laws.  If you do not have up-to-date policies, there will be significant harm to the organization for wrongful dismissal lawsuits and fines for non-compliance.

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