New Employee Records Requirements

Did you know that the law regarding employee records was also changed with Bill 148?  There are a number of new requirements, designed to ensure that employers implement all of the changes in Bill 148.

You must now keep records for every employee, regardless of status, for the following:

  1. The number of hours the employee worked in each day and each week.

2. The information contained in each written statement given to the employee regarding public holidays, vacation entitlements and requests, etc. (i.e. copies of notices for substitute public holiday days)

3. On call** and scheduling records, including:

a) The dates and times that the employee was scheduled to work or to be on call** for work,

b) Any changes made to the on-call schedule**.

c) The dates and times that the employee worked.

d) Any cancellations of a scheduled day of work or scheduled on-call** period of the employee, and the date and time of the cancellation.

**On-call record keeping takes effect January 1 2019 with the new On-Call Pay rules.

4. Overtime: If the employee has two or more regular rates of pay for work performed for the employer and, in a work week, the employee performed work for the employer in excess of the overtime threshold, the dates and times that the employee worked in excess of the overtime threshold at each rate of pay.

5. Records Regarding Vacation Pay:

a) The amount of vacation pay that the employee earned during the vacation entitlement year (or stub period if applicable) and how that amount was calculated.

b) Records relating to how and when increases in vacation entitlement are given.

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