Not All of Bill 148 Was Cancelled

Employers should be aware that although a number of the “Bill 148” provisions were cancelled under “Bill 47”, some are still in effect that might pose a problem for your business.

Three Hour Rule – (Starting Jan 1, 2019), if an employee who normally works more than 3 hours is sent home before working 3 hours, they are entitled to be paid at their normal rate (previous ESA standard was only minimum wage)

Overtime rule – (already in place) if an employee has more than one rate of pay (i.e. travel rate and job site rate) you must still track and pay each one separately for purposes of overtime.

Employee Misclassification – (already in place) although the onus is no longer on the employer to prove the status, the penalties remain for classifying workers as “contractors” when they are really “employees”.

Vacation with Pay after 5 years – (already in place) this remains in effect.

Leaves of Absence – (already in place) Domestic Violence leave and extensions to Child Death and Disappearance leaves, parental/maternity leaves and Family Medical leave will remain in place.

Now more than ever, employers need to have sound policies in place to ensure that workers and supervisors all understand the new regulations.

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