PPE Safety Training

PPE Safety Training – Nov. 18/21

Steven Mitchell Health & Safety Specialist
18 November 2021 10:00 am
18 November 2021 12:00 pm


This safety course focuses on the different types of PPE employees can access at work, as well as how one can use and maintain such equipment. The aim is to familiarize workers with both the necessity to use such equipment during routine tasks and the correct way to do so.



All employees who are required to use personal protective equipment in order to safely perform work-related tasks must undergo proper training. As such, this course is geared towards current employees and can be purchased in bulk by businesses looking for an affordable solution to comply with the latest safety regulations.



After successful completion of this course learners should be able to understand:



  • The importance and limits of PPE in the workplace.
  • The responsibilities of employers and employees regarding PPE.
  • The key components of an effective PPE Program.
  • What to consider when selecting PPE.
  • The types of PPE and their uses.
  • What to do to maintain and care for PPE.



Upon the successful completion of the final exam, learners will be issued a printable certificate and wallet card as proof of completed training.



*Recertification Safety Training is recommended each and every year. Contact Kissinger HR Services for more information about our course content.




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This course provides basic Personal Protective Equipment Safety training for employees. Full Course Training = $35.00 + Tax / per person; includes: Theory, Written evaluation and certificate of completion.