Using Bluetooth in Cars Risks Privacy Breach

A funny thing happened on the way to the store yesterday. I was at a stoplight, and the man in the car next to me proceeded to take advantage of the pause to begin a phone conversation using his Bluetooth app in his car.

Quite legal, as he was using hands-free and all that…. but I could hear every word of his conversation, until the light changed and he got ahead of me in traffic. Bluetooth uses your car speakers, and they are close to the outside of the car.

Names were mentioned and overheard… situations I shouldn’t know about (I think he was a divorce lawyer).

Which got me to thinking….how many other professionals who need to ensure privacy, are out there chatting away thinking no-one can hear their conversation?

Care should be taken the next time you want to answer or place a call to a client while driving….

This would also be a good topic to add to your company’s policy manual. Call us today for help!

Worse, what if I had known the person of whom he was speaking?