Our Health and Safety Specialist, Steven Mitchell, will work with any industry or workplace to analyze operating procedures, materials, machines, and conditions at all types of worksites to determine risk, injury and occupational disease and damage to property and equipment.

Steven is a Certified Train-the-Trainer for Working at Heights, Safe Operation of Lift Trucks and Forklifts, Aerial Work Platforms and Boom Lifts, Confined Spaces and WHIMIS.

Steven can assist your organization with creating and managing your safety management systems, writing policies and procedures, reducing workplace risk and injuries while maintaining company compliance and conducting training in various safety related topics and wellness programs. Steven has experience building various safety committees at both the Federal and Provincial levels and, as part of this experience, has been responsible for training committee members, identifying policy and procedure gaps, auditing companies’ safety management systems and conducting workplace safety inspections

PHONE: 519.761.9705