Why My Business is Important to Yours

Human Resources, especially the “people management side”, is often complicated and confusing.  It can also be very costly, both financially and personally, if you make mistakes (see my blog The Real Cost of HRMistakes).

Being a small business owner myself, I understand that finances are tight and your time is very precious. 

You don’t want to waste either one.

 The government agencies like the Canada Revenue Service and Ministry of Labour are great resources, providing a ton of information and guidelines on their websites to help you answer the questions you have.

 But, do you understand it? Do you have the time to wade through all of that information and figure out what applies to your business?

 My goal is to help the new and/or small business owner to save money by minimizing employee turnover and costly mistakes.

 My HR Seminar Series will answer all your questions, cost you very little money, and provide you with resources to help you in the future. I do this because I love the work and I want to see your business succeed.

 Kathryn Kissinger HR Services.  Because you have questions and I have the answers.

 It’s really that simple.