Why Proper HR Practices are Important

Today’s organizations are increasingly adopting unique business formats. In addition to the “normal” Human Resources needs, there are other factors to consider when dealing with “people management”. There can be many facets to the business (retail, service, professional, etc.) and for non-profit organizations, there are additional considerations such as the Board of Directors, donors, and more.

It can be very costly, both financially and in terms of public relations, if HR mistakes are made. Having sound employment policies in place will help reduce workplace confusion and give employees a clear understanding of what is expected of them. This will help reduce your turnover and recruiting costs, and build cohesion in the workforce.

Managing your Health and Safety requirements is also critical to ensuring HR success. Even “low risk” jobs such as office staff can have significant costs when dealing with workplace stress and repetitive injuries. Ensuring that the organization is protected through violence and harassment policies, accommodation policies and regular safety inspections will help minimize those costs.

The Canada Revenue Service and Ministry of Labour are great resources, providing lots of information and guidelines to help you. But websites don’t always answer the questions you have. It is very time consuming to wade through all of that information and figure out what applies to your organization. This legislation is changing and updating every year, and “keeping up with compliances” can be a challenge.

Organizations need to enlist the assistance of a qualified HR professional (or an attorney) when dealing with employee separations or injury and illness claims, as these are filled with Human Rights landmines and traps. The minimum standard for termination pay is rarely, if ever, the amount that an employee would be entitled to. In most cases, employees are entitled to at least three weeks per year of employment (including maternity or other legislated leaves).

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