“WIIFM?”- The Reason to Outsource Your HR Needs

The two questions most often asked of me are,

“Why should small businesses outsource their HR needs??”  and, “What does an HR professional do, anyway?”

HR Professionals are neutral, 3rd party resources helping you to deal with employee discipline and terminations.  They provide a cushion between your employees and management, and help reduce the misperceptions of nepotism and favouritism that sometimes occurs in small, family run businesses.

An HR professional will provide your business with advice on managing your employees, and assist you with government and legal compliance needs.  There are many types of HR specialists available to suit your needs.

To help manage your employees, an HR Professional will create:

  • Unified and consistent policies and procedures which set the boundaries in which the employees are expected to perform, making mistakes easier to manage.
  • Job descriptions to provide employees with clear expectations for job performance, which can be measured.
  • Employee handbooks to provide clear guidelines for workplace performance and the opportunity to distribute required policies to your employees. Consistently enforcing these guidelines is essential to your employee discipline process.

?By making these electronically available, you can save time and effort whenever updates are needed and will also be a compliance issue with the AODA in 2017.

There are many organizations that will take on your payroll remittances and calculations, and even vacation tracking as well.  Often the cost to hire these organizations is easily justified, because you are no longer devoting the majority of your time and effort on these duties and calculation errors are reduced significantly.

Most importantly, HR Professionals save you time and money!  Just imagine how much time you could save, by having the proper tools to deal with those “headache” employee performance and management issues!

When you save time, you also save money. The time spent working on HR issues can now be devoted back you what you really want to do – your business!